In this space I will not be attempting to prove myself to anyone, to educate others or to perfectly articulate any of my own points. This space will be imperfect, full of learning curves and inevitably a reflection of my own brain; discombobulated, perpetually confused and a chaotic force for good. If there is one thing to take from 2020, it is that time waits for no-one, not even me, not even in a pandemic.

I’m hoping my writing will come to paint a better picture of me than any few lines taken from a reference could, for both you and me. I have no intention of writing without bias either, with a persistently critical eye and a ‘post-truth’ awareness, yes, but also an unequivocal tendency for ‘left’ policies and socialist thinking.

From UK Politics, to Trumpism. From Big Data, to Bitcoin. From Senegal, to Syria. From Brexit to Middle Eastern Policy, I’m figuring it out. And on that note, I hope you just might figure it out with me too.